Drive or Call a Tow Truck? 4 Times When It Isn't Safe to Drive

When your car starts having problems, it is tempting to try to save time by taking it to the repair shop yourself. After all, your trusty car can probably make it, and this way you’ll save time and money.

Unfortunately, auto repair technicians often see customers drive into their shop with car problems that are downright dangerous to drive with or that can ruin their vehicle if they continue to drive.

Since many of the worst car problems allow your car to continue to function, it is important to know these signs that it is time to pull over to a safe spot and call for a tow.

You Are Afraid You Won't Make It to the Gas Station

Almost every driver has a story about the time that they managed to coast into a gas station just in the nick of time. While this might entertain a crowd, the truth is that driving with extremely low fuel or completely running out is bad for your vehicle.

When your car runs out of gas, air and sediment can get into the fuel lines. Running out of gas too many times can also cause your fuel pump to go out prematurely since it relies upon fuel for cooling and lubrication. When in doubt, call for roadside gas delivery from your tow service.

You Notice Something Wrong With the Brakes

Properly functioning brakes are critical for protecting the safety of everyone on the road. Most of the time, your car's brakes give you warning signs ahead of time that it is time to have them repaired, such as mild squeaking. In these instances, you can usually drive to the repair shop.

However, brakes can suddenly fail, and you should never drive your car if you doubt their ability to stop your car properly. Noticing loud grinding noises or feeling as though you have to push the brake pedal to the floor are signs that you need to have your car towed to the repair shop.

You Just Had Your Car Stall Out

Stalling is one of the scariest events that a driver can have on the road. Cars can stall for many reasons. For instance, a low battery, bad fuel, electrical issues or a fuel pump going out are all possible culprits for your car stalling during use.

When your car stalls in traffic, you risk being in a serious accident. Additionally, you could be stranded in an unsafe location if your car unexpectedly stalls when you are driving. To prevent placing your safety at risk, skip driving to the repair shop and immediately call for a tow truck.

You See the Temperature Gauge Rising

Your vehicle warning lights are an excellent way to determine whether or not your car is safe to drive. When you notice that your car is about to overheat, it is important to pull over to safety and assess the situation.

Don’t take an unnecessary risk with your car’s temperature. Often, a failing radiator or coolant leak causes a vehicle to overheat. Driving your car without adequate coolant can lead to bigger issues with your engine that require extensive repairs. Avoiding driving your vehicle until the problem is fixed is the best way to protect your engine from damage.

At Valley Express Auto Repair, we'd rather come to you than have you risk your safety driving a car that should not be operational. Whether you need a quick fill up to get you back on the road or a major repair to get your car running well again, contact us right away so that we can help you stay safe.