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Auto Repair for the Mesa, AZ, Area

The various moving parts of your vehicle’s internal system play the important role of not only ensuring a smooth ride but also promoting the safety of you and your passengers. This is why it’s important to make sure that the braking system and other functions of your vehicle are working properly at all times. If you detect any problems, you should take your vehicle to an experienced auto repair shop for routine inspection and brake repair services.
Valley Express Towing & Auto Repair has provided quality auto repair in Mesa, AZ, and the surrounding areas since 1994. In that time, we have gained all the necessary experience to handle all your automotive and car repair needs. Whatever issues you may have with your brakes, engine, suspension, or other auto-related problems, our certified technicians will assess and repair them.
Certified Mechanics
Our facility in Mesa, AZ, maintains updated equipment and well-trained professionals to ensure that every car entering our shop benefits from quality car repair services. Our master auto technicians undergo continuous training to keep them up-to-date with new approaches, techniques, and solutions to problems that may occur in various vehicle makes and models. We believe our customers should never settle for anything less than expert-level repair.
Variety of Services
As a leading provider of auto repair services, we make sure that our customers can access a wide variety of services at one convenient location. You’ll benefit from comprehensive vehicle services. From basic oil changes to brake repair and replacement, our mechanics have the necessary expertise to get your vehicle working at peak performance. Apart from inspecting and repairing the various systems of your car, we also answer questions and provide expert advice about maintaining your vehicle.
Superior Customer Care
Quality customer care is at the core of all our car repair services. We take pride in having built a reputation for integrity, quality, professionalism, and honesty in the auto repair industry. When you choose us for your automotive needs, we work to ensure that all necessary repairs are completed quickly and correctly. That level of service is the reason why so many of our clients refer their friends to Valley Express over the other repair shops in the Valley.
If you need reliable and experienced experts for car repair in Mesa, AZ, rely on the certified mechanics at Valley Express Towing & Auto Repair. Call us today at (480) 498-5818 to learn more about our services and can get your car back on the road.

Auto Repair Services – Mesa, AZ

Clutch Service and Repair
Valley Express Towing & Auto Repair provides Mesa and surrounding areas with complete clutch repair services for both cars and trucks at our auto repair shop. We suggest checking the operating linkage of your clutch at our Mesa shop to help you avoid premature clutch failure and replacement.
Brake Repair
ABS Brake Repair, Brake Bleeding, Brake Adjustment, Brake Replacement, Brake Rotors/Drums, and more...
Suspension and Steering
Air Suspension, 4x4 Suspension, Independent Rear Suspensions, High Performance Suspensions, Leaf Spring Suspensions, and more…
Auto Engine Repair
Powered Seating, Powered Mirrors, Brake Lamps, Headlamps, Interior Lighting, and more…
Battery, Charging, and Starting Systems
Alternator Belt, Alternator Repair, Alternator Replacement, Alternator Testing, Alternator Troubleshooting, and more…
Cooling Systems
Coolant Change (Flush), Coolant Filter, Coolant Pump, Coolant Reservoir Tank, Coolant Temperature Sensor, and more…
Exhaust System
Custom Exhaust, Dual Exhaust, Exhaust Headers, Exhaust Heat Shield, Exhaust Kits, and more…
Lighting and Wipers
Windshields, Windshield Replacement, Windshield Wiper Arm, Windshield Wiper Motor, Windshield Wiper Switch, and more…
Auto Filters/Fluids
Oil Filter, Air Filter, Fuel Filter, Cabin Filter, Oil Change, and more…
Auto Belts and Hoses
Brake Hoses, Coolant Hose, Drive Belt, Fan Belt Replacement, Fuel Hose, and more…
HVAC – Heating, Ventilation, and Air Conditioning
Accumulator, Air Conditioning, Air Conditioning Recharge, Ambient Temperature Switch, Blower Motor, and more…